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What Students Say About Unclub 


How do we measure the impact of Unclubs on school campuses? We asked some of the students: 

Unclub has led me to Jesus.  --Daniel W., grade 6, Osceola


It's a good place to do Bible study. I come because God is very important in my life. I need to know more about Him.  --Cameron O, grade 6, Seminole 


It means learning how to pray for your family. It means everything. --Shelby, grade 6, Largo 


We can learn more about the Bible and the lessons that teach us how to live, what to do to help someone, and helps solve our problems in life for others and ourselves. Plus we get the donuts to enjoy. --Tjre, grade 8, Largo. 


Unclub means a lot to me because I became a Christian here. It is so much fun. The donuts are a cool plus, but I don't care about them. I care about Jesus and Jesus cares about me. --Savannah H., grade 6, Seminole 


To me Unclub means to get closer to God. And to learn new things about Jesus and to worship and praise the Lord. --Jenilise R., grade 6, Osceola 


Thanks to Unclub I have accepted myself into God and the Unclub helps me get through life (death, home, and school).  --Rachael, grade 6, Largo 


Unclub means . . . feeling welcome, wanted, and cared for. It means to feel special. It's a place to have fun with fellow Christians. It's a place to redeem yourself of any sins every week. --Kenyanna H, grade 6, Osceola 


I have been coming to Unclub since sixth grade and its been an amazing experience. Not only have I learned about Jesus, but I also accepted Jesus through Unclub. And for that reason, Unclub is awesome. --Christiane W., grade 8, Osceola 


Unclub means to me the love of God, learning about God, and praying with God. Unclub is a place where I can become more in my faith. --Ashley H, grade 6, Osceola 


I love Unclub because it has taught me a lot about God. I love the donuts. It has taught me to pray for my family. --Hailie D., grade 6, Largo 


[Unclub] teaches me about God. --Sheneisha, Osceola 


Unclub is my church group. WE pray and talk about God. --Alona A., Seminole Middle. 


What I think is: Unclub is School Church. --Samuel M, grade 6, Osceola 


Unclub is a way of gathering with kids who have the same love for God as me. Unclub rocks!  --Ryan M, grade 7, Osceola 





Unclub is a great time to me when I can learn more about my Savior at school!  I LOVE UNCLUB! --Alona, Seminole 


Unclub is why I believe in Jesus. --Graham N., grade 6, Osceola 


The Unclub means to me, it's not because we get doughnuts every Wednesday. It's because we get to be taught about Jesus more and for the people that don't know they get to learn about him and that's great!  --Javianna, grade 6, Largo 


Unclub is a morning club I can go to when I have lots of extra time. When I go, I am able to spend time with the one and only God. When attending Unclub, I always have a great rest of the day because I start off talking and spending time with Jesus. --Allison H, grade 8, Osceola 


It showed me how much closer I have gotten to Jesus and [helps me] learn more about Him. --Sarah S., grade 8, Seminole 


I love Unclub. It has changed my life and I love the donuts and the mini lectures! --Meghan D, grade 6, Osceola 


To me, Unclub means getting to know/getting closer to Jesus. Whenever I do something wrong, I pray forgiveness. I can now get closer to Jesus. Even my friends can. --Brandon S, grade 6, Osceola 


Unclub m eans I can wake up on Thursdays and look forward to coming to school --Kacy C, grade 7, Seminole 


I love Jesus--and Tucker for inviting me [to Unclub]! --Anthony B, grade 8, Osceola 


The Unclub is a place to learn about God in a public school. --Bria R, grade 8, Seminole 


[The Unclub] is fun and I get to learn about God more than twice a week.  --Katena, grade 8, Osceola 


[Unclub] is like church to me because I haven't been there in a while. --R.J.S., grade 8, Osceola 


It's very important. The teachers and people like Gary make it funny. --Ariel, grade 8, Osceola


Unclub means a lot to me because I have football lin the fall and I can't go to the Spot. --Tyler H., grade 6, Seminole 


I like the prayers and the stories. --Jasmine, grade 7, Largo 


I think Unclub is a church group. We pray. We talk bout God. We are cool because we have accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts. --Lindsey A, grade 6, Osceola 


The Unclub means to me--a LOT--because we talk about Jesus and how he died for us. --Matthew, grade 6, Largo 


Unclub is a place where people don't judge me for my religion and I can learn about my holy savior Jesus. --Dan, grade 7, Osceola 


[Unclub is] a place where people can gather together to fellowship, eat breakfast, and hear the word.  --Sean R, grade 8, Seminole 


To me, Unclub means to get closer to God. When I attend my youth group, I love worshipping and praising God. --ElizabethD, grade 6, Osceola 


To me, Unclub means you can go to a place and just pray and thank God. Also you can learn about God, too. --Jaya P, grade 6, Osceola 


A good place to learn about God. --Wyatt M, grade 8, Seminole 


Where we get to pray to God and thank him for dying on the cross for us. --Jake H, grade 7, Osceola


Unclub means I get to go to church. --Kelton L., grade 6, Osceola 


Unclub means coming together and worshipping God without the struggle and bother of peer pressure. Unclub also means speaking to God and Jesus with our peers. We come together and just fall into worship. --Vivian A, grade 6, Osceola 


Unclub means a lot to me because if you don't know something about God, you can find out. You really learn a lot. --Allison B, grade 6, Osceola 


Unclub means to me fellowship in a public foundation while spreading God's name to people also. --Haley H, grade 8, Seminole 


Unclub is a way to let us learn about God and what he did for us. --Kyleigh, grade 6, Osceola 


That I have a place at school where I can go with my friends and talk about God. I can come here and be able to talk to Mrs. Johnson or Pastor Gary about anything that is on my mind or just have a casual conversation about God. --Carissa F, grade 7, Osceola 


What Unclub means to me mis that I come every Wednesday because I want to learn about God and Jesus and what they did. Also how to have Jesus help me tell people everywhere about God. --Sydney, grade 6, Osceola 


It gets me motivated on Jesus. Also donuts and seeing friends! --Riley W, grade 7, Seminole 


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