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Donate for Donuts 


After speaking at an FCA meeting at Largo High School, Gary spotted a young man who looked familiar.


"I know you," the young man said. "You had those unclubs at our middle school." 


Gary nodded. "That's right. Which school did you go to?" 


"Osceola," the young man answered. Then he smiled. "You know, those donuts were AMAZING." 


Whoever said the way to a human's heart was through his stomach was absolutely right. When kids gather for our morning unclubs at the local schools, we offer delicious fresh donuts from the Sunshine Bakery (If you haven't tried them, you should!  12650 Starkey Road, Largo, 33773. 727.585.5575. Delicious!) 


After having a delicious donut, the kids--and teachers--come back the next week for more. And while they're enjoying those amazing breakfast treats, they are hearing that God loves them and Jesus gave His life for them. 


It costs Unclub Ministries about $100.00 per week to buy doughnuts for all the middle schools where we have unclubs. We sorely need sponsors to help us buy the donuts that keep people coming back.  


If you'd be willing to buy donuts for a week of unclubs, we'd appreciate it so much that we'll make you an honorary member of our DONUT CLUB.  In return for your $100 donation, we'll send you a donut refrigerator magnet in the hopes that when you see it, you'll remember to pray for the unclubs . . . and think about donating again when you're able to.  


To sponsor a week of donuts and join our donut club, click the paypal button on the donate page and mention that your donation is for the Donut Club.  THANK YOU!   


**News Flash!**  Jerry and Julie Violette are our FIRST charter members of the Donut Club!  Thank you, Jerry and Julie!  Your donut magnet is on its way!  


It's a praying club. We get donuts and they tell us about different kinds of praying.  --Darasha C, grade 7, Largo 


Unclub is good because you are learning about God and Jesus plus at the end you get your choice of donut and you're allowed to eat it IN SCHOOL!  --Alexandra, Largo


Unclub is where I eat donuts and learn about Christ.  Cody W., grade 8, Seminole 


I do unclub to learn about God . . . and eat donuts! --Vanessa, grade 6, Seminole


[At Unclub] I get to see Gary, have donuts, see Tyler, and my friends. It helps me love Jesus more. --Connor B, grade 7, Seminole 

With 40 weeks in a school year, we need      more donut donors!  Can you help? 


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