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Tim Jennings



Tim Jennings is working under the umbrella of Unclub Ministries to implement the Solid Rock Company Alumni Ministry. This ministry of encouragement and guidance is geared to students and staff who were part of Solid Rock Company.  We want to stay in touch and pray for each other. We will do this by meeting, whether in person or through Zoom calls. We look forward to sharing laughter and tears as we share stories and photos and learn how the Lord is working in our lives. The ministry will also include reunions and mission trips to Jamaica.  

If you are interested in life coaching or just need some encouragement, be sure to contact Tim.

You can help support this SRC ministry by donating through this link. Be SURE to mark your donation as for "SRCA."  

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**To avoid the PayPal finance charge, mark your payment as "personal" or check the box that says "I'm sending money to friends or family. Be sure to indicate that your donation is for SRCA. 

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